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Dream. Plan. Enrich. is a carefully crafted resource hub designed to provide you with all the information and support you need for a successful return to international travel planning.

Dream. Plan. Enrich.

At Live Travel and Tours, we wanted to take our powerful motto Dream. Plan. Enrich. on a whole new post-Covid journey! We have re-thought the way we arrange travel to make it easier than ever to plan cost-effective international trips and support your business recovery.

We know that, while some groups are ready to pick up where they left off with their international planning and get straight back out on the road again, others are more cautious and are concerned about safety, financial security and trip flexibility.

It is for these groups in particular that we created Dream. Plan. Enrich. - a hub to provide you with all the tools you need to encourage, reassure and support your groups as they return to international travel.

Now is the time to reignite that dream of travel in your clients with our exclusively designed itineraries. Our thoughtfully developed resources will help plan every stage of the process. We assure you the end result will enrich the lives of all involved along the way!

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We have redesigned everything from the ground up, creating six exclusive itineraries especially adapted to offer reassurance in the post-Covid period. At the same time, we have taken apart our terms and conditions and rebuilt them to maximise flexibility and peace of mind. Finally, we have collated a suite of documents to answer every question we can think of about travelling to these destinations.


  • six hand-picked destinations offering exceptional health and safety records
  • cost-effective and budget-friendly tours with no compromise on quality
  • outstanding flexibility through multiple "build-it-yourself" inclusions and activity options
  • enhanced outdoor activities and experiences away from the crowds
  • optimised for private and smaller group travel


  • health and safety resources to reassure and support your clients
  • innovative, flexible terms and conditions
  • useful checklists to help you plan ahead
  • regularly updated travel advice
  • handy tips for you and your travellers
  • destination fact sheets
  • destination maps

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